Vegetable and Shrimp Lovers Dinner!


Here’s a dinner for the vegetable and shrimp lovers…

Cooked in a large saute pan frozen mix vegetables, cut up sweet tomatoes, cut up green peppers, onions, a bag of medium size frozen shrimp and seasoned with oregano and black pepper with 2 slices of the Sara Lee Whole Wheat Thin Sliced Buns for my bread.



About The Colorful Spot

Welcome to “The Colorful Spot “ My name is Carmella and I’m so glad you stop by. This blog is all about a bit of everything creative, with a passion for cooking, design, photography, DIY projects and technology. So, come on in have a sit grab yourself a cup of Java my favorite is with a touch of caramel. I’m a self-taught designer and business owner who love’s to create cool and unique designs. With each new day to celebrate life and each new journey it will bring. I hope you find this blog helpful!

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