Breakfast Delight!


Hello all,

Hope you had a fabulous day, It look like rain today but Thankfully the sun came out.  so after breakfast I decided to go out and enjoy the sun shine with a bit of shopping, my free Starbucks with caramel always…love my caramel!

Egg over easy and papa that’s what was for breakfast today.  How about you the most important meal of the day.



Til next time….Be colorful!



About The Colorful Spot

Welcome to “The Colorful Spot “ My name is Carmella and I’m so glad you stop by. This blog is all about a bit of everything creative, with a passion for cooking, design, photography, DIY projects and technology. So, come on in have a sit grab yourself a cup of Java my favorite is with a touch of caramel. I’m a self-taught designer and business owner who love’s to create cool and unique designs. With each new day to celebrate life and each new journey it will bring. I hope you find this blog helpful!

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